Dear Colleagues,

The forthcoming XXV International Scientific Conference trans&MOTAUTO'17 continues by tradition to annually hold a complex international scientific-technical activity on automobile, railway, aviation, material handling, road building and military techniques and technologies, as well as sciences that are close to its topic: mechanics, dynamics, strength and reliability in constructions, theory of machines and mechanisms, transportation management and marketing, logistics, safety and ecology, theory of teaching, education and scientific research.

At the conference usually take part more than 100 scientists from 15-17 countries in the section and poster sessions. All of these determine the conference as a significant international forum that has a unique interdisciplinary character.

We hope that trans&MOTAUTO'17 will be again an important scientific forum and that you will not miss to participate in it. Authors who are not able to take part personally in the conference can do it by correspondence and publish their papers in the printed conference proceedings.

The program of the conference will also give you the opportunity for relaxation, amusements and becoming acquainted with the Black Sea charm

Please, inform other colleagues of yours about this information.

Dr.h.c.Prof. DSc. Petar Kolev
Chairman of the International Program Committee

Dr.h.c.Prof. D.Sc. DHC Georgi Popov,
President of Bulgarian Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering